A website is the new brochure. It is assume that any company, be it big or even a small-sized company will have its own website.

Your website is where your potential clients or partners will go to to look for more information about your organization. A company without any online presence at all will be considered a really small company, a fly-by-night company or God-forbid, non-existant!

A website is better than the old printed brochure because you can change the information immediately and the result is real-time. You can change it anytime as oppose to printed brochure - once they are printed they can't be changed. Yes even with typos and all.

At Avasi Web, we can produce a variety of styles to suit any branding that an organization wishes to potray.

The most important thing for us is that they work on modern browsers and on all screens. That means one design can be seen comfortably on the desktop, mobile phones and tablets.

Not only that, we also use the right combination of color schemes, imagery and content to help you get the right message across not only through the written words but through the images as well.


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