Become Rich with a Website

Make Money Through a Website
September 4, 2019

Become Rich with a Website

Make Huge Money with A Website

The demand in digital marketing has increased nowadays that people begin to realize how fast it triggers revenues for their business. In order to cope with today’s challenging business competition, a strategic digital marketing needs to be emphasized more. One thing for sure- your website is a passive money maker! Here are four tips on how to generate income through your website.

1.Works on monetizing it by renting spaces in your website to paid advertisements

Marketers will pay for the space in your website in order to advertise the products. Usually the rent fee is discussed between marketers and you as the website owner. Pricing should be based on how popular or engaging your website is. The more traffic it can attract, the higher you can charge the marketer. For example, a well-performed and popular website can reach up to RM15,000 per month rental just for a minimum size area.

2.Sell your own digital products

You can sell digital products on your website such as e-books for digital marketing learning, social media or SEO marketing strategies or any other type of digital products. You will need to do a strong marketing write-up to convince the online visitors to purchase them via your website. Your targeted audience should be based on people who might get interested in your digital products.

3.Build your own brand products and market them in your website

Become a founder of brand products and sell them through the website that you own. The existence of a website simply builds potential customers’ trust to purchase your products without doubting of being scammed. Your own products could be beauty products, clothing or home appliances.

4.Sell your existing website

A website is like a property but in a digital way. The more it ages, the higher its value is. A well-developed website drives a lot of visitors and has a stable SEO ranking. When your website has reached such outstanding value, you can sell it with a higher price. A 10-year well-maintained website may worth up to *RM50,000!

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