Make Money Through a Website

Your Own Website Could Make You A Millionaire!
August 14, 2019
Become Rich with a Website
September 21, 2019

Make Money Through a Website

Digital Money - The Latest Business Trend

A website shouldn’t just stay there generating no revenue. Grab the advantage to build your own website from the scratch and start planning to earn cash from it. A lot of people are still not being exposed that a website could actually turn themselves into independent money makers. Here are FOUR interesting ways that a website could produce your daily passive income.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to earn money from your website or blog. This works when you place the affiliate links in your website or blog and you will get paid if visitors purchase the products or services from your links. Find a product or service that you would like to recommend to the other users. When you talk about it in your website, at the same time you are promoting it too.

The commission you obtain might be 10% from the selling price, however every platform offers different portion of payment to their affiliates. In Malaysia, one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs is . You can simply register at their website if clothing merchant is your main interest.

2. Review Products in Your Website

This is good to drag potential customers to visit your site. Approach any product owners and offer to review their products on your website. They would either pay in cash or a giveaway of their products in return. For example, reviewing services or beauty products are the most common trends in Malaysia.

3. Sell Digital Products

You can start selling your own digital product such as E-books. For example, if you are expert in digital marketing, you can write up E-books on how to make money through digital marketing skills. Advertising and selling them on your website is a way to represent your website value.

4. Sell Physical Products

Thinking to build a small business? Make use of your website by selling your own physical products. It is proven to build customers’ trust and drag potential customers when you promote them in the website for sale. It allows you to generate income even when you are offline. This is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies to gain quick passive income. There is no wrong in giving it a try!

So thinking to have your own website already? Seek us at Avasi Web Sdn Bhd for web development services. We will consult you at your comfort!

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