Why Freelancers can be Toxic to Your Business

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July 13, 2019
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August 14, 2019

Why Freelancers can be Toxic to Your Business

Dangers of Hiring Freelancers as Your Main Webmaster

It is undeniable that the reason a lot of companies hire freelancers to work on their websites is mainly to save cost.

However it will actually give negative impacts in the long run. Multiple times
we’ve come across companies without anyone taking care of their websites. This is caused either by the sudden disappearance of their freelancers or lacking of time to keep those websites updated.

In the meantime, companies need to realize that freelancers usually work alone, thus nobody is able to cover their tasks in case they fail to attend to any emergencies related to your website.

Here are the list of things that can possibly go wrong to your website:

1) Your website gets hacked
2) Your software is out of date, so errors are showing on the site.
3) The hosting server is having a scheduled or unscheduled downtime.
4) The server hard disk gets corrupted

Dedicated and professional webmasters are crucially needed in order to solve these problems as they are complicated and technical.

These are the reasons that freelancers are unreliable and inconsistent to be in-charge of your valuable website. Your company or business may face a bad reputation or loss in revenues if these problems are not being solved right away.

That is why you need a professional website developer like Avasi Web SB as your web solution to manage your website efficiently to prevent any errors.

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