3D Augmented Reality in Google Search

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June 11, 2019

3D Augmented Reality in Google Search

3D Augmented Reality (AR) Animals are now in Google Search engine!

Google recently announced a new search feature whereby animal search results will now appear with a “View in 3D” on AR-enabled smartphones. When these results are tapped, you can turn, flip and rotate the animal on your search tab to obtain a clearer version of its appearance! Another special feature is you can also click the “View in your space” option in order to see the animal of your choice in your current location or area such as bedroom, office, cafeteria or public park through your smartphone’s camera lens. Remember the game Pokemon Go? Yeah just like that. Absolutely amazing!

These new features have just started in the US last Friday, however restricted to only when you search for animals. Got an AR-enabled smartphone? Let’s give it a try!

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